12 'to dos' Actions List for 2018 - my vision board for the New Year


 With 2018 only hours away, do you have a “wish list” for 2018? Or are you somebody who loves to ‘wing’ things – you know, the ‘fly by the seam of your pants’ kinda person? Me – I love to create ‘actions’ list with activities I want to strive to work towards in the new year. 

With the lead up to 2018, I decided to put ‘pen to paper’ or should I say, 'pictures to canva grid', and created my ‘actions’ list vision board for 2018.  2017 was a fantastic year.. I was able to tick off  many activities and places from my ‘travel bucket list’ like: attending ANZAC celebrations in Gallipoli Turkey (this is generally on every Aussie or Kiwi bucket list), hot air-ballooning; WWOOFing in the UK; Hogmanay in Edinburgh Scotland; Scottish Highlands, creating a blog; and Bath Christmas markets – just to name of few.  In short, 2017 has been a blast. 

I wouldn’t call my 'actions' list a ‘new year’s resolutions’ list exactly, only because I tend to break every new year’s resolution I make 😊.  But I do tend to stick to my ‘actions’ list 😉 though.  I make a list of things I want to achieve in the coming year then look for an ‘overall topic’ then add the ‘topic’ to my actions list. 

Here is a breakdown of my top 12 'to-dos' for 2018 - my ‘actions’ list:


-    Good health work towards creating an exercise plan and healthy eating habits I can do anywhere including being ‘on the road’;

-    Celebratecelebrate the small things (no matter how small) as they tend to lead to ‘big stuff’;

-    Sharing work on my writing, photography, movie making skills, so I can share my stories, adventures and moments with you

-    Capturing moments look around and ‘see’ the moments then capture it so it can last forever in stories and images;

-    Slow travel – emerge self into your surroundings instead of traveling in a rush.  Look for different ways to travel from x to y. Can you travel by bus instead of fly?

-    Volunteering – getting in contact with local WWOOFing farms/ organizations to arrange placements for the first four months of 2018 (looking forward to getting my hands dirty and growing my love for sustaining lifestyle);

-    Self-defining challenges – working on the courage to do activities or events that I would generally talk myself out of, like sky-diving;

-    Create an income/location independent – create an income via social media freelancing and developing my goal of being location independent;

-    Self-growth – developing my insight and practice in meditation and learning;

-    Travel bucket list ticks I’ve already booked my first tour for 2018 (hello Egypt) and looking at other destinations to work towards ticking off.  Who knows, there could be a possible relocation on the cards for 2018 😉;

-    Healthy lifestyle – continuing to create my ‘life balance’ and inserting ‘me’ time without it becoming a chore and attending wellbeing conferences to grow my understanding and knowledge of a ‘healthy lifestyle’ that suits me;

-    Freelance – SMM; work – continuing with learning SMM and creating a freelance work-life and take opportunities to broaden my work/career experiences.

I know these topics are ‘board’, but they will be broken down to bite size chews and are adaptable and measurable.  My ‘actions’ list will offer my guidance in times of boredom, stuck with creating plans or for motivation. 

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Everyone’s goals/’actions’ list will be different. No matter what, don’t forget your ‘actions’ plan is for you and nobody else. Add whatever you want, let your ‘actions’ list be your motivation, your drive, your inspiration.  If you need inspiration, consider looking up Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and even your own journal/wish list – you will be amazed what you come find.  Once done, if you are a visible person like me, transform your ‘actions’ plan into a vision board and put it somewhere you will always see it.  Mine is on my phone and set as a background picture on my laptop.

So, go ahead and start creating your ‘actions’ list vision board for 2018.  2018 is going to be amazing….